BMW Battery Maintenance – Common Problems and How to Prevent Them

Date: Sept 28, 2023

2023 BMW X5

If you have ever had issues with your car battery, you know just how unpleasant the experience can be. From getting stranded on the roads of Lawrence with a dead battery to waiting for what seems like forever to get your vehicle to start, battery issues are something all Trenton drivers want to avoid. That is why BMW car battery maintenance is so important. Learn how to maintain a car battery with the service experts at Princeton BMW so that you do not encounter common BMW car battery problems. 

BMW Car Battery Common Problems 

  • A Slow Start – Is is taking much more time to get your vehicle to start than it once did? If so, it could be due to a failing battery. Keep in mind that a slow start may also be due to a failing alternator. This is why you need to determine the root cause. If the battery is to blame, there are warning signs to look out for. For example, you may notice that is is difficult to start the car in colder weather. You may also notice that the car doesn’t make any sounds and the lights inside your car will not turn on. What’s more? If your vehicle runs after receiving a jump-start, a failing battery is the likely culprit.
  • Frequent Jump-Starts – Does your vehicle need frequent jump-starts in Hamilton? This is a sign that the battery is having difficulty holding a charge. It is due for replacement. 
  • Corrosion is Present – If you find blue corrosion or film on the battery case, it could be hindering the performance of your battery. Eliminate the corrosion and check to see if the battery is leaking. If you find a leak, replace the battery. 
  • The Battery Fluid Level is Low – Battery fluid is a mixture of distilled water and sulfuric acid, and its purpose is to create electricity and keep your battery running efficiently. Have you noticed headlights that dim or flicker or the engine struggles to turn over? The battery fluid could be low.
  • The Battery is Old – Car batteries usually do not last much longer than five years. If the battery is older than that and experiencing issues, you should have it replaced. 

See How to Maintain a Car Battery with Princeton BMW

If you have experienced BMW car battery common problems, we can assist you with BMW car battery maintenance. When you set up an appointment, our team will inspect the battery and diagnose any issues. We would also be happy to share more about how to maintain a car battery. Reach out to us today for details. 


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