Overcoming Range Anxiety With a BMW EV

Date: Oct 20, 2023

2023 BMW i7 Electric charging

If you’re shopping for a world-class luxury EV that gets plenty of range, you’ve come to the right place. BMW offers many fantastic options for your investment in an electric vehicle for every Lawrence drive. BMW led the way in EV development, and now the automaker has an ever-growing segment of new vehicles each model year. As such, the BMW EV range will only improve, perfect for your Trenton errands and weekend getaways.

If you’re worried about range anxiety, you can set those fears aside because the BMW EV range gives you more than enough power for long drives. Find out more with our guide!

Mastering Your BMW EV’s Range for Every Trip

You can easily overcome range anxiety with your BMW EV range. Take a look at our three-step plan. Once you get into these routines, you’ll love having an EV in your Hamilton garage!

Know Your BMW EV Range

What is the range of BMW electric cars? Feel free to plan your next long-distance outing because most popular models can get up to 300 miles on a single charge!

See the maximum range of popular 2024 BMW EVs with this list.

  • BMW i4: Up to 307 miles
  • BMW i5: Up to 295 miles
  • BMW iX: Up to 311 miles
  • BMW i7: Up to 321 miles

What is the range of BMW electric cars? You’ll see that the 300-mile range for a single charge on an EV is one of the best in the industry. Every drive around Hamilton won’t be a problem. 

Plan Routes Before You Leave the House

Normally, you’ll charge your EV at home with a Level 2 charging box. When you have trips far from home, you’ll need to map out where public charging stations are because there aren’t as many charging stations as there are gas stations (at least, not yet).

Set a course and engage at cruising speed with this national map of charging stations from the U.S. Department of Energy. Download the My BMW App, which can plan out your entire route with charging stations in mind. Don’t forget you’ll get two years of free public charging with Electrify America when you buy a new BMW EV! 

Always be mindful of delays and detours, like road construction, traffic, or road closures. Plan for extra time in case you have to locate a different public charging station from the one you originally hoped to reach because of these common delays.

Drive Efficiently With Your BMW EV

How you drive can drain your EV battery faster, just as it would with an internal combustion engine’s gas tank. Accelerate gradually and press the brakes slowly as you drive, making sure you leave enough room between your car and others on the road. Drive at or below the speed limit, too, for best results.

Understand the weather before you head out, especially the ambient temperature. Extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures can decrease your BMW EV range because those temperatures are not ideal for your EV’s battery chemistry. Consumer Reports states that the ideal outdoor temperature to maximize your BMW EV range is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Running your air conditioning or heater on full blast when it’s very hot or frigidly cold can also lessen the range. Use the heat or air minimally while still remaining comfortable as you drive for the best results in extreme temperatures.

Get to Know the BMW EV Range in Hamilton

Need more answers about the BMW EV range? Contact us or call (844) 470-4727 to test drive a BMW EV. We think you’ll fall in love with one of these electric cars.


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