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BMW EV First-Time Buyer’s Guide

Date: Sept 25, 2023

2023 BMW EV Lineup In Front Of City

The time is now to invest in a BMW EV. You don’t have to wait. Unlike other automakers, BMW has more than 10 options for electric vehicles on car lots in Hamilton. Elevate every drive and reduce your refueling costs with a world-class BMW electric vehicle in your Lawrence garage. 

See what’s available with our BMW EV first-time buyer’s guide. BMW plans to expand its fleet of electric vehicles by offering one EV for every internal combustion engine vehicle in its lineup in the coming years. But you don’t have to wait. We’ve got plenty of options on our lot in Hamilton right now.

Four Things to Consider When Buying a BMW Electric Car

Shopping for a BMW electric vehicle is a bit different from a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. We’ll go over what to look for in an EV in detail. We think you’ll love investing in a BMW EV.

  • Overall Cost of EV Ownership

The price of a new vehicle is often the biggest consideration when shopping for your next car or SUV. But with an EV, you can save money on maintenance.

Owning a BMW EV gives you the opportunity to reduce your overall costs of ownership. How? You won’t need oil changes and some other fluid changes because there are fewer moving parts. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on the tires and brakes because EVs are heavier than internal combustion engine models of a similar size. The battery packs are heavier in EVs compared to gasoline engines. 

You’ll also need to install a special home charger to make charging in your Trenton garage much easier. We highly recommend the BMW Wallbox for home charging. You’ll need an electrician to install one in your Hamilton garage or carport. You could charge your BMW EV overnight, while you’re sleeping, with a home charging box installed. 

BMW also offers two years of free DC Fast Charging when you purchase or lease a new BMW EV with the Electrify America charging network! You can road trip for free during the first two years of owning your BMW EV. 

  • Electric Vehicle Range

The overall range between charges is also toward the top of your list when shopping for an EV for your family in Hamilton. Luckily, BMW EVs get plenty of range when you go for weekend getaways to your favorite beach, resort, Poconos, Catskills, or outdoor destination.

See the maximum ranges of popular 2024 BMW EVs with our list.

  • Map Out Public Charging Locations Near Hamilton

Long drives are not a problem with your BMW EV. You can find plenty of DC Fast Charging stations available to the public through the My BMW App. Many major metropolitan areas, cities, and well-traveled interstate highways have public charging stations at key locations, making long trips possible for every vacation you’re planning across NJ or across the country.

Prices will vary at these stations because electricity costs, just like gasoline prices, vary from city to city. Also, take into account how often you’ll use the air conditioner or heater because those run on electricity from the EV battery. Extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures may reduce the range of your BMW EV considerably, so plan ahead for that as you map your journey from stop to stop.

  • Battery Warranty for EVs

The battery warranty is important for BMW EV owners because you want the powerplant to last for many years. BMW has an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery. You won’t have to worry about the battery until then! If it requires replacement before this time, the automaker will replace the EV battery free of charge based on the current warranty stipulations.

Test Drive a New BMW EV in Hamilton

Now you know what to look for in an EV. Take the next steps with us by taking the wheel of a new BMW in Hamilton. Contact us, call (844) 470-4727, or schedule a test drive with our team. We’re happy to help in any way we can as you explore EV ownership.

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