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BMW Approved Tires

Why only BMW approved tires provide top performance for your BMW.
As the only point of contact between your BMW and the road, it's vital that your tires deliver excellent handling, cornering, braking, and solid acceleration?in a safe manner. So your BMW can perform like a BMW.

BMW offers two categories of tires-Run-Flats and Conventional Radial tires.1 Run-Flat tires feature resilient rubber-reinforced sidewalls and heat-resistant rubber compounds. These allow you to continue driving with a punctured tire at a maximum speed of 50 mph for a limited distance. Consult a BMW center to find out if Run-Flat tires are available for your vehicle.

When you purchase tires at a BMW center, you can be confident that extensive testing has been done to determine which tires are best suited for your vehicle to maximize performance. Only tires that succeed in meeting BMW's standards for safety and handling characteristics are given the title of BMW Approved tires. And in addition to getting tires with the proper speed rating, load index, and size, they will be mounted and balanced by a BMW trained technician who knows your BMW.

The various types of Standard Engineered tires boost performance, intensify exhilaration, and give you peace of mind?without sacrificing thrills?when driving in inclement weather. Experience impressive agility, absolute confidence and the true joy of driving with the following types of BMW approved tires:

  • All-Season Tires deliver reliable traction on snow and ice without sacrificing handling grip and cornering capabilities in good weather.
  • High-Performance Tires offer the highest degree of handling grip and cornering ability. Not recommended for driving in snow and ice.
  • BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires boast unique rubber compounds that provide the grip you need when faced with adverse winter conditions.

Visit a BMW center to learn more or see the full line of BMW approved tires.

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